by OneLung

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released October 10, 2016



all rights reserved


OneLung Omagh, UK

OneLung are a three-piece band from Omagh, Northern Ireland.

Math, Hardcore, Post-Rock, and everything mad.

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Track Name: The Wicked
Wiser words have abandoned me,
Hateful thoughts are scribbled across the roof of my mouth
Personality hindered under rule of swollen tongues.
Simple thoughts have misshapen me,
Twisted into place I bind my hands with pleasure
Headless sheep are the masterminds within the broken gates
The wicked taught me not to run away

Where’s you wings, silent Kings
Suck it up mate, let the coffins claim the common
Sally pulled her pants down, now we get to fuck with her mind
And she likes it

Raised by vicious songs
Where could this go wrong
This fraction (Tell me I belong) distraction
Care to play along

You won’t compel me to get down on my knees
And pray like common dust
Mindless vessels carved in rust
If there’s hate enough to breed
Hate me you shall, I am released

You’ve been bought, by corporate conscience that’s descended from the cloth
You don’t deserve this life you damn sinner
Pretty thoughts
The wicked dictate that your mind is all but lost
Your world is golden now but at what cost?
You’re broken

Chords of vicious song
Where did this go wrong?
Weakened by your dreams
Self-constructed grief
Track Name: Demockracy
Fall back (Elected dictators are running the show)
They’re running off with the crown
King and Queens
Success (A life of servitude as chosen by those)
You’re walking a fatal path
Blind in vain

This voluntary disarmament throws you to the ground

Prepare (To be a victim of the vanity fair)
Brainless and out of touch
Would you dare?
Bought out (The monetary value of your words)
Your conscience is up for sale.
Who’s to blame?

This paid calamity complex throws you to your grave

Grave. Dig your grave.
You followed us blind, and now the noose is around your neck
How will you be saved?
You’re begging for us to cut you down after all we done
How we’re honoured.

Golden, brown as dirt but golden
Camera, action...
Stranger, who can sense the danger
And who can make us safer
Listen. Just shut your face and listen
Thoughts are better vacant

Millions herded
Minds are murdered
One are parted
Law discarded
Those who sold you
Now control you

Just sit back and watch us, suppress your sense of wonder
Give it up for anger
All lies, disguised as fact but all lies
See it with your own eyes

How your lives will be forgotten
Clown, give it us in gold
Pretty pictures, matched with nonsense
How could we want anymore?

Burn this forest
Who hides them, dares define them
Confine them
Their teeth seem, so uninviting
So don’t shine them

There’s a rope that you want, but it doesn’t reach the top
It’s pathetic to watch you try
There’s a rape in the court, but the judges are all bored
They’re all sick of the same old lines
Call us deaf, call us dumb, call us selfish, call us numb
There’s no pleasure in distant cries
When the hour has passed, are we hopeful, will we last
We’ll be punished for these sick crimes

I can’t tell you, what I want to
I won’t tell you what you want to hear it’s worth nothing
I can’t tell you, what I want to
I won’t tell you what you want to hear it’s worth nothing cunt
What do you want me to say

Listen in
Minds can rot
Fuck the lot
Track Name: Forever a Face
Hope had us holding on
‘Til our nails broke our palms
Who could escape, cowered and numb?
Cowered and numb
Cold cast crept through the night
Darkness swallowed the light
Conscience has died
Hopeless at last
Hopeless at last

What is this fire? What is this burning?
What is this chaos?
What is this poison, arising?

How closely (It’s about time that)
They listen now
(Holding their heads down, searching)
Pray for your voices
Taste their, perfect,

Leave me I’m falling
Don’t touch I’m soaking,
Running red with justice
Prey to the bottom,
After I taught them
Just put it down boy
Put it down boy
Watch them frown boy
Down boy.

Take this thing away from me
Forever a face,
Always a villain that lasts

You’ve wasted, your nightmares
On far too bright a mind

Blame me
Strap me and frame me
Tell me I’m crazy
Name me.
Slap me and stain me.
But don’t you forget...